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Research Interfaces focuses on disseminating basic research

Our mission is to strengthen knowledge transfer between academia and industry by highlighting research that has the potential to make an impact. Basic research is essential for innovation, but too much good work is being lost in the current information overload. We want to change this.

We sift through 1000s of the latest articles on Li-ion batteries, analyze them, and select those that are commercially relevant, educational, groundbreaking, or topical. Every month! Then we categorize them, include interesting news you should be aware of, and squeeze all this content into our extensive yet digestive literature reviews. So you stay updated about everything important.

Research Interfaces is based in Montreal, Canada. Our team consists of full-time and part-time experts from diverse backgrounds. The initiative’s founder, Peter Kovacik, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford and has more than a decade of experience in research and development of energy technologies.

"Staying up to date with the literature is perhaps the single most important skill that remains crucial throughout a researcher’s career." — Science Magazine

Information drives innovation

Information is essential for innovation – this is how we can help

80 %
of the most cited research articles link forward to a future patent (Science 2017)
~ 18300
has been the number of articles published in 2018 with 'lithium-ion battery' as keyword (Google Scholar)
9 %
is the rate of growth in scientific articles published each year (JASIST 2015)
> 5
hours/week is the minimum amount of time it takes to track literature just in your core area (Nature 2016)