10 Ionizing Papers (August 2018)

This is our roundup of interesting articles on Li-ion batteries published in August – a mix of educational, groundbreaking, helpful, thought-provoking, and topical. If you follow battery research, these are 10 papers you should be aware of (in no particular order):

  1. Not a paper, but a book – on Li-ion batteries. This time with the focus on engineering and written mainly by contributors from industry. Everything practical you always wanted to know! Springer
  2. Binders are critical components of electrodes, yet they seem to attract much less attention than their active material counterparts. Review one of the most understudied topics in battery research. Chemical Reviews
  3. Truly interdisciplinary collaborations often lead to truly special findings. For example, take a microscopy technique used in biology and apply it to the study of solid–liquid interfaces in lithium-metal cells. The result is a unique view of dendrites in their intact state. Nature
  4. Transitioning from diesel to electric buses is an attractive environmental step for many municipalities. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple or a cheap process. A comparative analysis of electric bus adoption across 22 cities in 14 countries looks for the right recipe. Research in Transportation Economics
  5. Trying to assemble a battery pack? Don’t have much experience with welding, clinching, bonding, or soldering? These are the main joining technologies in battery manufacturing – a handy open-access reference for every engineer. World Electric Vehicle Journal
  6. Ceramic electrolytes could become the key drivers of solid-state battery technology, partially due to their ability to suppress dendrite formation. But with so many material parameters at play, how do you find the right one? First step: a structure-property screening of ~13,000 materials using machine learning models. ACS Central Science
  7. Wonder what stands between a battery failure and an explosion? Clever safety mechanisms. Energies
  8. It’s quite difficult to call batteries a ‘sustainable’ energy technology until they are recyclable. This extensive review takes on recycling from economic, technical, environmental, and market perspectives. And it recommends to redesign, reuse, and then recycle. Chemical Society Reviews
  9. Lithium metal is coming to large-scale manufacturing. And laser cutting might be just the right tool to turn this soft, sticky, and difficult-to-cut metal into battery electrodes. Batteries
  10. Early phases of a new technology are accompanied by an intense experimentation in industry. To help, national and local institutions create special ecosystems so that domestic firms can experiment with everything from individual components to infrastructure. This is the story of EV innovation in China. Research Policy

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