10 Ionizing Papers (March 2019)

This is our roundup of interesting articles on Li-ion batteries published in March – a mix of educational, groundbreaking, helpful, thought-provoking, and topical. If you follow battery research, these are 10 papers you should be aware of:


  • Integration of graphite and silicon anodes for the commercialization of high‐energy lithium‐ion batteries / Angewandte Chemie
  • Advances and issues in developing salt-concentrated battery electrolytes / Nature Energy
  • Computational screening of cathode coatings for solid-state batteries / Joule
  • Unified picture of anionic redox in Li/Na-ion batteries / Nature Materials


  • High-throughput battery materials testing based on test cell arrays and dispense/jet printed electrodes / Microsystem Technologies
  • Data-driven prediction of battery cycle life before capacity degradation / Nature Energy
  • Battery energy storage system modeling: Investigation of intrinsic cell-to-cell variations / Journal of Energy Storage


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