10 Ionizing Papers (September 2019)

This is our roundup of interesting articles on Li-ion batteries published in September – a mix of educational, groundbreaking, helpful, thought-provoking, and topical. If you follow battery research, these are 10 papers you should be aware of:


  • A wide range of testing results on an excellent lithium-ion cell chemistry to be used as benchmarks for new battery technologies / Journal of The Electrochemical Society
  • Energy storage data reporting in perspective – Guidelines for interpreting the performance of electrochemical energy storage systems / Advanced Energy Materials
  • Monolithic solid–electrolyte interphases formed in fluorinated orthoformate-based electrolytes minimize Li depletion and pulverization / Nature Energy
  • Cycle stability of conversion-type iron fluoride lithium battery cathode at elevated temperatures in polymer electrolyte composites / Nature Materials
  • A bird’s-eye view of Li-stuffed garnet-type Li7La3Zr2O12 ceramic electrolytes for advanced all-solid-state Li batteries / Energy & Environmental Science
  • Machine learning interatomic potentials as emerging tools for materials science / Advanced Materials



  • The vulnerability of electric vehicle deployment to critical mineral supply / Applied Energy
  • Near-term potential of biofuels, electrofuels, and battery electric vehicles in decarbonizing road transport / Joule

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