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Analysis of Basic Research

Battery Cathode Materials for Electric Vehicles 2021

Much of innovation starts in academic laboratories. This analysis gives you a unique insight into cathode research in academia, helps you navigate important publications, and guides you through the most promising current- and next-generation technologies.

What is unique about this analysis

  • Overview of the latest research on cathode materials, some of which is already being deployed by industry or piloted by startups.
  • Outline of the emerging technologies expected to influence battery markets within 5-10 years.
  • Academic review for non-academic audience. Significantly more comprehensive than any journal article and more up-to-date than any book.

Who is this analysis for

  • Scientists, engineers, analysts, investors, business people, or policymakers – anyone interested in the next-generation battery technologies.
  • Resource complementary to industry and market analyses.

What information it contains

  • Mainstream research activities, including key findings, conclusions, trends, and statistics.
  • Around 50 original figures/tables and 200 important references across 92 pages.
  • Structured as a handbook, with only limited scientific and technological explanations.

Stay ahead of the curve

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Table of contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • NMC/NCM (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) cathode research
  • NCA (aluminium-doped lithium nickel cobalt oxide) cathode research
  • LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cathode research
  • LMO (lithium manganese oxide) and LCO (lithium cobalt oxide) cathode research
  • LNMO/LMNO (lithium nickel manganese oxide) and high-voltage cathode research
  • Li-rich layered oxide cathode research
  • Cation disordered rocksalt (high-entropy) cathode research
  • Summary and Appendix

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