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see SAMPLE pdf (edition September 2018)

Literature reviews focused on chemistry and materials science of Li-ion and Li-metal batteries.

Topics – anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, separators, device architecture and fabrication, device/materials characterization, modeling and fundamentals, other battery technologies

Suitable for scientists in academia, industry, and government labs.


see SAMPLE pdf (edition September 2018)

Literature reviews focused on battery design, engineering, and management.

Topics – cell components and manufacturing, battery behavior and testing, BMS, TMS, battery modules and packs, battery applications, battery recycling

Suitable for engineers in battery development and testing departments.


see SAMPLE pdf (edition September 2018)

Literature reviews focused on battery applications and policy.

Topics – battery applications (mainly EV and grid storage), battery recycling, technology adoption and policy

Suitable for application and system engineers, as well as policy makers and investors.

“For researchers who are already overwhelmed by bench and field work, grant-writing, publishing, and other time-eaters, trying to navigate the growing deluge of data has become a second job.” — Nature

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