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  • In 2019 alone, researchers published around 50,000 journal articles on renewable energy and policy.
  • There are hundreds of world-class institutions and thousands of experts working on all aspects of the energy transition.
  • Peer-reviewed research is among the most reliable sources of information. Are 50,000 papers too many to follow? We’ll help you out!

What’s inside

  • Curated selection of the best and most-discussed journal articles on energy technologies, economics, and policy.
  • Latest research published by leading experts in top academic journals.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the following energy topics:

Renewable energy (general research highlights)

Each section features several articles (usually 5–10) from leading academic journals in the field. We indicate which articles are open-access and use snippets to preview important conclusions.

Solar energy (e.g. photovoltaics, solar-plus-storage, CSP)

Wind energy (e.g. onshore and offshore, wind-plus-storage)

Other energy generation (e.g. hydropower, bioenergy, geothermal)

Energy storage (e.g. batteries, potential and kinetic energy storage)

Electric grid (e.g. flexibility, distributed generation, smart grids)

Buildings (e.g. electrification, energy efficiency, heating)

Industry (e.g. energy efficiency, improved processes and feedstocks, mining)

Electric transportation (e.g. electric vehicles, charging, V2G)

Alternative fuels (e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, biofuels)

Carbon capture & storage (e.g. novel technologies and systems)

Climate change (general research highlights)

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