We go through all sources that are cataloged by major indexing services, including ISI Web of Science, Elsevier Scopus, and Google Scholar. Rather than focusing purely on standard ‘battery journals’, we try to capture everything relevant ranging from mainstream to sidelines.


We use a combination of automation, human expertise, and machine learning. This approach allows us to start with a pool of thousands of references and finish with editorial assessment of each individual article selected for the review. Occasionally, some papers slip through the cracks, but our processes are getting better and better.

Papers we include

As we mentioned, each article is selected using computer and human inputs. There is an overarching philosophy we follow:

  • We value research with practical and industrial relevance.
  • We value fundamental understanding, novel ideas, and challenging perspectives.
  • We value simple over complicated, and focus on important rather than ‘hot’.
  • We value open access knowledge.

Papers we exclude

We try to limit the number of selected articles to avoid the very ‘information overload’ we are tackling. Here are some examples of articles we generally exclude:

  • Most conference papers and proceedings, especially non-peer reviewed.
  • Articles that make limited contributions to the existing literature.
  • Research that disregards any scalability or sustainability issues, unless it’s fundamental.

Papers we highlight

We highlight articles that we think shouldn’t be overlooked. This is an editorial process and therefore is partially subjective.